Saturday, 20 April 2013

Day two with the Pied Fly at Cranford Park

Back to Cranford Park today to see if the male Pied Fly was still around. And he was. Several birders turned up today, after it was made public where the bird was yesterday. Again I was able to put some faces to names, and saw a few familiar ones too. The bird was a bit more elusive today, on a couple of occasions he wasn't seen for over an hour at a time. I got some more shots of him, but they were fairly distant this time. I think I was spoilt yesterday when I had those glorious few hours on my own  with him. I left at 4.30pm today, and he was still showing. Will he be there tomorrow ? I wont know as I'm back at work for the next four days.
Several times today I wandered off to see the Woodland Kestrels. I saw both the male and female sitting in the hollow tree, and sitting next to the nest. There was also a third kestrel, I think it was another male, that came in so close that the Woodland female actually took cover inside the hollow. I think the Woodland pair are using the hollow to cache food. I saw the male with prey, and not long after he left, a crow flew straight into the hollow and removed the prey. The Woodland male took off after the crow at speed forcing the crow to drop its steal.
Woodland female on the hollow
Woodland male near the hollow
Woodland female right inside the hollow after being swooped at by the intruding Kestrel
Woodland male in the hollow after stashing his prey
Woodland female having a stretch near the hollow
Other birds seen today, were a Red Kite soaring above, a Buzzard being mobbed by a crow, several Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps, Green Woodpeckers and Great Spotted Woodpeckers. By the Pied Fly site a Pheasant called several times.
Red Kite
Buzzard being mobbed by crow
Lots of butterflys around again, Comma, Peacock and Brimstone
and the first bluebells are starting to flower.
So another lovely day with the gorgeous male Pied Fly.
Back to work for me tomorrow, I doubt very much if the Pied Fly will be there when I've finished this set of four shifts, but you never know :)

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  1. What a find... and gorgeous weather to go with it :D Handome bird eh...