Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday morning visit to Lake Farm

I went for a short walk around Lake Farm this morning. The new school building works are well under way. A site entrance has been made on Botwell Common Road, and a workers hut (complete with veranda and bench) has been erected alongside a bright yellow secure tool store.
The toddlers playground has now been removed (centre of the photo below), but the original Skylark arch and statue is still in the same place.
It still depresses me to see this part of Lake Farm ripped up an destroyed like this, but I cant change anything, I just have to get on with concentrating on the rest of the park.
I bumped into Sue and Jasper the bird-dog, and we later bumped into Roy. He said he had seen large numbers of Redwings passing over the park in the last week. He also mentioned the resident Sparrowhawk had been seen in its usual tree by the Grand Union canal, along with a solitary Grey Wagtail appearing every now and then.
Other birds seen today were the welcome sight of three calling Skylarks, a couple of Linnets and a few Goldfinches. At least three Jays were seen flying over, and some gulls are starting to re-appear in the 'gull field' (the Navsat field). Just as I entered the park I had good views of a Red Kite soaring towards Stockley Park.
As always when Sue and I bird watch together, Jasper keeps himself entertained. Today he was happy playing in one of the puddle by the BMX tracks.


  1. A veranda and a bench? . . . sounds like a good job! Love the Jasper/puddle shot.

  2. Not easy to watch an area you love changing like that.

    Ditto Mark's comments :)