Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunny Sunday at Thorney and Cranford CPs

Every day last week, Sue and Jasper the bird-dog, had views of both a male and female Bullfinch at Thorney CP. Sue knows the Bully is my bogey bird, and she was so confident it would be there today, that I went with them. We searched and we searched and we searched.
The result was the Bullfinch is STILL my bogey bird !! Ha ha.
We did however get some lovely views of Siskins feeding.
The lake was very high, but luckily its not as flooded as it was.
A couple of Cormorants were taking advantage of the tern raft.
We also had distant views of a Red Kite soaring over, and a hunting Kestrel.
From there we went to Cranford CP.
 Jasper the bird-dog soon headed for the first large puddle on the field.
After the River Crane almost burst its banks during the recent dreadful weather, the three Little Grebes couldn't be found, but we're glad to report that at least two were seen today.
No photos, they were very skittish, and seemed even more wary than usual.
The first crocuses and snowdrops were in flower by St Dunstans wall, and were attracting wasps, hoverflies and bees.
In the ancient woods we watched several pairs of Great Spotted Woodpeckers chasing each other around the tops of the trees. Green Woodpeckers were also seen in pairs. A sure sign that nesting season isn't that far away now.
Blackbirds were also abundant in the woods.
By the car park a Song Thrush was very busy singing and declaring its territory. Last year a pair nested in a patch of ivy behind the church. I'm hoping they choose the same site this year.
We were only out for three hours today. My painful shoulder couldn't take any more.
Other birds seen today was a solo Redwing, plenty of calling Great Tits and Blue Tits, and at least three individual large flocks of Long-tailed Tits.
As for the invisible day, sigh, one day..............

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  1. Glorious day eh... my bogey birds are Lesser Woodie and Crossbill and Dartford Warbler... :) Great pics and story as usual...

    Great time out but so sorry about your shoulder.. really hope it improves soon!!