Sunday, 7 September 2014

Another Sunday social gathering at Cranford Park

Another Sunday and another great day at Cranford Park. Joining us stalwarts (Sue, Jasper and myself) during the course of the day were Scally, John, Phillip, Joe and Rick. It was also a pleasure to meet Kish, who follows my blog, and Sheila from the Cranford Park Friends Facebook page. Always nice to put a face to a name. The only members of the team missing were Tony and Audrey, and what a day they missed.......
Birds seen today around the park, and it is an impressive list considering it's late summer, included......
Three Whinchats (for the fourth consecutive day),
four Buzzards,
one Red Kite,
one Kestrel,
two Hobbys,
one Green Woodpecker,
one Great Spotted Woodpecker,
c10 Mistle Thrush,
four Blackcaps,
two Jays,
eight Linnets,
c40 Carrion Crow,
plus the usual large numbers of Great Tit, Blue Tit, Blackbirds, Woodpigeons and Robins.
Birds seen on Friday and Saturday when I wasn't around, included three Spotted Flycatchers by Kish, and a male Northern Wheatear by Sue.  
So here are some of my dreadful photos from todays batch of birds.
Our lovely staying Whinchats......

One of our resident Kestrels was again watching us.....
We got brief views of two of the Hobbys flying over Cranford Woods. This is one of them.
There were Mistle Thrushes galore in front of the Info Centre....
Several times today we saw four Buzzards going over. I'm guessing they were a family group as there was a lot of practise food passing going on. My photos are all in silhouette due to the bright glare of the sun, but you can get the general gist of the twisting and turning flying of the birds...

Jasper the bird-dog was impeccably behaved as always. Here he is looking bored while John shows Sue one of his photos...
However John, as always, was a very bad influence on me, and kept forcing me to drink whisky laced coffee !! Good job I was the only one that wasn't driving, as it was only me that knocked back a couple of large toddies.   
Last but not least, my blog would not be complete without a photo of our Jasper.

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