Saturday, 23 January 2016

A brief blog from Mum's back garden

I've been over to Mum's this afternoon and set up the trail cam to hopefully capture some Great Spotted Woodpecker action.
The cam went up at 14.19 and the first GSW appeared at 15.07.
I also caught some video footage of him but, for some frustrating reason, I cannot post the vid clip on here but I have posted two vid clips on to my Wino Wendy's Wildlife World Facebook page (link at the bottom of this blog post)
At 15.11 a woodpecker was back, and it wasn't until I was going through the vid clips that I realised we have two separate male Great Spotted Woodpeckers visiting at the moment.
The one below is the second male. He has a leg ring on his right leg, whereas male number one doesn't.

The males visited minutes apart (15.07 and 15.11).
The trail cam will go back out tomorrow morning, maybe moved a little closer to the trunk, and we'll see what we capture then - maybe a lovely little female ? 

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