Monday, 14 August 2017

Back at Maple Lodge NR for the annual Summer Open Day

On Sunday I was back at Maple Lodge NR (link to website here) for their annual Summer Open Day. Again my lovely little helper, Stella, and myself were positioned at the infamous Comma Corner to show the escorted visitors just some of the critters that can be found.

However my best find was one that I was unable to share with anyone as it didn't stick around too long. It's one of the hoverflies, but this one is a 'lifer' for me.....the ugly Rhingia rostrata......

You can see that compared to one of our most common hoverflies below,
 that the R.rostrata really is an odd looking hover....
Helophilus pendulus
Before the visitors arrived I had a quick look from the Teal Hide. I didn't even get a chance to open any of the hide windows when I heard a tell-tale bird call and a Kingfisher landed obligingly on the water marker. I just about managed one camera shot through glass before the little beauty flew off again......
hastily snapped Kingfisher from the Teal Hide
 Although the weather stayed fine all day there weren't that many butterflies about at Comma Corner, probably because the bramble flowers have now turned to blackberries and the buddleia is starting to go over. But Stella and I were able to show the visitors some Commas, Red Admirals, Meadow Browns, Gatekeepers, Green-veined White, Large White and Small Tortoiseshell.
Before the visitors arrived I also had a possible Hairstreak species fly over.....


Comma underwing

male Meadow Brown

Small Tortoiseshell

female Gatekeeper
With all of the brambles, nettles and thistles there were plenty of critters to be found and pointed out...
Cinnamon Bug

Black and Yellow Longhorn

Robber Fly

possible Oak Bush Cricket
Dock Bug adult

Common Green Shieldbug 5th instar

Dock Bug instar

Southern Green Shieldbug

Woundwort Shieldbug

Woundwort Shieldbugs
Common Blue damselfly

Common Blue damselfly

Common Darter - female

Common Darter

Common Darter
A very good day as always with plenty of visitors and plenty of photography chances.
But the high-light for me was my first Rhingia rostrata hoverfly.
Stella, as always, thanks for all of your help and extra pair of eyes.

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