Saturday, 23 November 2013

Buzzard and Grey Wagtail at Cranford Park today

I fitted in a three hour visit to Cranford Park today. It was cold with a chilly wind, but mainly sunny. There were plenty of birds singing in the woodland, and despite not being able to photograph them, I saw quite a few Redwings, Goldcrests and Blackbirds.
Up by the headland area, one of the Buzzards soared over, with a Carrion Crow watching its every move. Within seconds a whole load of Carrion Crows and Jackdaws were mobbing the lone Buzzard. At one point there was well over thirty Crows and Jackdaws, and you had to feel a little sorry for the poor Buzzard.
The photo above shows the lone Buzzard in the bottom right hand corner. 
On the River Crane, I found the three Little Grebes. They must be getting a bit more used to human beans now, as I got fairly close to one of them. During the week, Sue spotted five LGs all on the same stretch of river, but I only managed to find three. The other two could have been moving through, possibly looking for somewhere to overwinter or for new territory.
By the green bridge a large mixed flock of Long-tailed and Blue Tits were flitting from tree to tree. I managed to capture this lovely little LTT watching me, watching it. Shame about the twig running across the photo though !
I saw one of the Kingfishers fly out from under the green bridge, and made my way down to the stone bridge in the hope it had settled on a perch there. No such luck, but I did find a beautiful 1st-winter Grey Wagtail hopping around on the flattened reed beds.
So not a bad few hours considering it was an unplanned visit, but I was glad to get back home, put the heating on and have a large glass of warmed up red wine mixed with a small dollop of honey :)

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