Saturday, 2 November 2013

Save Lake Farm peaceful protest march

Although the new school building works have started at Lake Farm, another protest march was organised for today as it appears the council have, yet again, acted in an underhand manner when bulldozing the original planning application through. Below is a statement from the official Save Lake Farm website.
Campaigners and the Friends of Lake Farm are challenging the Council’s decision to build on Lake Farm Country Park because the council has failed to follow the proper procedures laid down in legislation when considering the impact of building on the country park.

The council is required in law to undertake a full impact assessment including an equalities impact assessment. The Council has breached this procedure by failing to undertake this assessment. Local Labour Councillors and the Friends of Lake Farm took legal advice from Irwin Mitchell solicitors and consider that they have the grounds to challenge the council in the courts. Irwin Mitchell solicitors have been successful in the past in challenging Hillingdon Council for its failure to abide by procedure
Friends of Lake Farm put up notices on bus stops and benches around the local area, and the news for the protest meeting was also shared around via Facebook and emails.
John McDonnell, the local MP, took to the bandstand at 12 midday .
The Heathrow Transition group had made some large colourful banners.
The protest marchers finally stopped at the front of the park, and displayed their banners on the mesh fence panels.
The banner above refers to the fact a Lidl store is to be built on the site of the old Hayes swimming pool. Hayes doesn't need a Lidl ! It needs to keep its green spaces. So why couldn't the new school be built on the old Hayes swimming pool site ?????
Lynne Allen (above), a local councillor, also joined the protest march, along with several dog walkers and their dogs (below).
John addressed and thanked all that made it to the protest. A few protesters decided to remove the mesh fence panels, the plan being to put them in front of the site gates, but before that could be accomplished, an over-excited security guard spotted them. Instead of calmly discussing the situation with the protesters, he called the police.
What we didn't realise until the police spoke to John, was that the security guard had reported the protesters were brandishing chainsaws !!! Even John saw the funny side to that accusation !
After the police left, some of the protesters tried to talk to the security guards, but were met by raised hands and complete ignorance. I understand the security guards are just doing their job, but maybe they should get their facts right before wasting police time.
The lovely symbol of Lake Farm, the Skylark statue, is now just visible above the border fences.
From inside the park, the Skylark can be seen surrounded by mesh fences.
After the protest, I briefly popped to my friend, Eirwens, for a cuppa, then made my back to the park. As I walked past the front, the security guards were throwing more of the downed mesh fence panels over the wooden fence. One of them, who hadn't been present earlier, approached me. He said he had tried to explain to the other three guards why we had protested in the first place. He was a nature lover himself. He also understood why myself and the other protesters felt so strongly about Lake Farm. He pointed out that the school was being designed with nature in mind. Several trees within the proposed site have been granted a 'TPO' (tree protection order) and will not be touched. All of the school buildings will have 'green' rooves and in-built nesting chambers for birds and bats. All well and good replied I, but why build a school on the only patch of natural green land in the town ? He couldn't answer that, but we did part company amicably.
Inside the park there wasn't much bird life to be seen today. The showers and wind had them all sheltered away. So I took some photos of how Lake Farm now looks, how it should stay and how the school building site looks now.
Last but not least, this brilliant sketch of Lake Farm before the destruction, was done by one of Eirwens friends, AD.
And finally, links to some other websites and blogs who all have on-going concerns over the future of Lake Farm.


  1. just to clarify that Cllrs Major/Sansapuri/Jarjussey/Nelson/Curling/Gardner/Bliss/Khursheed were also at the demonstration, I would hate for people to think that Cllr Allen was on her own.

  2. any idea how the ukip candidates from uxbridge managed to hijack a banner.

  3. UKIP's cliff Dixon and his followers would turn up at the opening of an envelope if they thought they would get publicity. he doesn't live in hayes and has no connection with the area, but you watch him milk the fact he was on the demonstration for all its worth, what concerns me is that by their involvement they are doing damage to the legitimate cause, which is the wanton destruction of a facility used by the people of hayes.

  4. fantastic that the Labour MP and the Hayes Labour councillors worry about what limited green space we have left in the area. John McDonnell and the Labour councillors work tirelessly to show up the gross unfairness of the conservatives who sit in the civic centre.Just remember that when you vote next year.

  5. I held a banner with Cliff Dixon and have lived in Hayes & Harlington for decades. I was invited by John McDonnell.
    Save your small minded bigotry for political forums not a protest against the theft of local residents green space.
    See you at the next meet up.

  6. I forgot to mention. I'm a RSPB member and like nature, birdies, countryside walks, squirrels and foxes as much as I like UKIP.
    Let's not lower a legitimate protest into a tribalistic slanging match.
    Bryan Tomlinson.

  7. three cheers for John McDonnell and the labour councillors for continuing the fight for Hayes, who cares if a few other political parties jumped on the bandwagon, its john and his band of councillors that are doing the work, and who cares who held a banner with who. I want the park I use on a daily basis protected from the bully boy planners.

  8. I enjoyed joining my fellow residents on Saturday and did not see any band or any wagon.
    Well done John for organising the protest but people are so turned off by petty party political sniping or grandstanding that it will alienate more than it helps, as seen in previous posts.
    Encourage everyone to turn up and you're get a bigger turnout for these protests and more publicity to save the park.
    I'll happily do a bit of leafleting to advertise the next meet up.
    Be lucky, Bryan Tomlinson.

  9. I was stood next to UKIP's Cliff Dixon during the protest and was appalled by some some of his remarks. The worst being "the school is being built for all the smelly immigrants" I did not realise who he was at this point. Also quite shocked by MP John McDonnell's encouragement of destruction of property and telling people not to film the vandals. Just shows that all MP's are corrupt and in it for publicity. Count me out of all future Lake Farm protests, as I don't want to associate with criminal activists. John McDonnell should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. The remarks above are a disgrace but typical of pathetic political mudslinging.
    Cliff, Illyas and myself can 100% guarantee that the anonymous poster is a liar.
    Bryan Tomlinson.

  11. In response to Bryan Tomlinson. I care not one bit about politics, unlike yourself and Cliff. I care about lake farm and somewhere for my children to run around. I am not interested in your political BS. You are talking to someone who has no political agenda. I know what I heard, and so does Cliff, I had no idea he was involved with a political party until I viewed this page. Before you guarantee Cliff did not make these remarks, maybe you should speak to him again. As I know what I heard as does my neighbour, who was with me who is a UKIP voter. And to me it sounds as if you are covering up for Cliff or condoning his views. And to call a resident of Hillingdon Borough a "LIAR" is disgraceful.

  12. just come back from work and felt it my duty to add a comment, this thread is about saving a much loved and cherished section of land that is enjoyed by many. it is not a lets slag ukip off, but it is likely that Mr Dixon made the comment, one of my co workers lives in cowley and was told by a ukip representative that their aim was to get rid of the immigrants out of the houses in Hillingdon. my take on the situation is, if you meet the housing criteria, no arrears, no anti social behaviour then you will get a property in the fullness of time, regardless of where you come from. So back to the matter at hand, Lake Farm is an area of outstanding beauty, but the people who made the decision to churn up the habitat of an assortment of wildlife don't live or work in hayes, so have no connection with the area. that's why us hayes residents feel so strongly about it.

  13. What a strange couple of anonymous comments. We now have the absurdity of someone that doesn't know Cliff, didn't hear Cliff say anything, doesn't know or understand UKIP policy but then makes a prejudiced assumption via an anonymous co-worker of the likelihood of a comment being made.
    As stated before, Ilyas and myself were in conversation or holding a banner with Cliff during the protest and no matter how much you lie it never happened.
    Why make up nonsense when the real culprits are the Conservatives in Hillingdon. These vindictive posts prove that Conservatives/Labour / Libdems are all the same, petrified of sharing the 'closed shop'. The electorate are smarter than you think.
    George Orwell would be proud of you.
    Have your fun and play your games, no one listens anymore..

    1. As I said before, I don't care for politics. In my opinion you are all as bad as each other. But I do care about truth and fairness. It is not fair that a school is being built on Lake Farm. And those responsible need to be accountable. And as far as truth, as I have stated earlier I know what I heard Cliff say, and if you were apparently stood next to him the whole time then so did you. But as all involved in politics you wouldn't know the truth if it slapped you in the face. To call me a liar is laughable, I have nothing to gain from it. I couldn't care less of Cliffs views on peoples hygiene or race. I am just astonished that he is involved with a political party.

  14. after reading all these comments and also being there myself on the day i did not witness racial comments but did witness Cliff Dixon state that there was too many immigrants in this borough.
    i would not call this racist but a little small minded. i don't believe that there is many politicians that have not fabricated the true like i have said many times before about politicians " if the truth was cotton wool they would not have enough for a budgies tampon".

  15. Two more posts more worried about tarnishing Cliff Dixon and UKIP's image instead of attacking the Conservatives on Hillingdon Council that are stealing our park.
    Keep it up, you're making Cliff Dixon look like an anti Establishment hero. You old fashioned political non entities are really all in it together.

  16. who the hell cares about cliff Dixon? I don't!
    I live in Hayes and I care about the stealing of my land by some tory bully boys, who don't live in Hayes. simple as that.

  17. Enough already! This is a lovely blog about birds, birding and nature in general, especially in and around Hayes. Let's stop this pointless finger-pointing, political bickering and tedious he said she said. If you want to comment about the threat to Lake Farm, great, but if you really feel the need to continue the thread above there are plenty of other places on the net you can do it. Cheers!

  18. I totally 100% agree team sausage. If there were more birdies, squirrels and foxes and less politicians, the world would be a happier place.
    Cheers, Bryan.

  19. Reading these comments makes me quite sad. I have been involved with this campaign from the off, as can be seen by anyone who visits my personal blog - It is about saving our green spaces locally and not about politics. Saving Lake Farm is about preserving our environment for future generations, John McDonnell has taken a lead on this and he should be supported irrespective of what your politics are - I don't agree with him on many things, but he is 100% right and deserves the support of the local community to stop Hillingdon Council from concreting over what is left of our country parks in Hayes. I lived until 2 years ago in Hayes and am concerned that if they get hold of this part of the park they will get more - Then they will go after Hayes Park in Charville (Which has already been looked at) and whatever other public green areas remain.
    As for the supposed 'comments' about immigrants - I won't justify them with a response as they are beneath contempt. Cliff Dixon

    1. Cliff, How do the comments make you sad? They were your comments, and you are an out and out LIAR. The fact you are involved in politics makes me not only sad but very worried.
      If you left the borough 2 years ago do us all a favor and stay out of our borough. Stop jumping on band wagons, we do not need a person with your views involved in trying to save lake farm. I say the next protest should be against Cliff being involved in the project. Stay away Cliff!!! And keep your beliefs to yourself!!!!!!! And this will be my last comment on the matter, I know what I heard and it seems that a few others also heard part of it.
      And just would like to thank Wendy for her wonderful blog, and apologies for hijacking it. I just feel people should know that Mr. Dixon may be in this for his own reasons and not for the same reason as the rest of us.

  20. me thinks you protest too much cliff..

  21. As the owner of this blog, it is now my turn to post a reply.
    I have monitored all the comments for the past seven days. Only I had the right to publish them. I chose to because I believe everyone has a right to an opinion.
    However, I do not follow a political agenda. My blog is, and has been since Jan 2013 (if anyone cares to go look back that far) all about Lake Farm green land being built on.
    LF is the only green space that is still classed as being within the original Hayes Town boundary. Other sites around the town were deemed as suitable to build a new school on. Those are facts, not fiction.
    I appreciate the fact this has evoked many emotions, and it's great to see so many people have viewed my blog, but I don't want my name being dragged into some political debate. My blog is about Lake Farm and nothing else.
    There will be further protest marches, I don't doubt that. And maybe then I will find the person who posted my blog link on to their blog, without asking me for permission first. I'm sure you know who you are.
    As I have said, personally I have no political agenda and my only interest is in seeing Lake Farm kept as green land.
    I hope none of the above comments has put off any of my regular followers.

  22. Wendy, "I'm sure you know who you are" sounds as ominous as "stay away C!@##".
    Do you want an all inclusive protest against Tory attacks on Hayes park land or shall we splinter off and fight among ourselves ?
    As a sensible grown up adult the bigoted and partisan prejudice on your blog has been embarrassing for our cause.

  23. Bryan, this is my blog, if you don't like what you read, then go elsewhere.
    I allowed all the comments to go through as, like I previously stated, I believe everyone has a right to an opinion.

  24. I've just fed the squirrels and topped up the sunflower hearts in the bird feeders while I have a think.
    My conclusion is;
    We had 30ish people turn up to protest and we need more, not threats to ostracise others because they disagree with their widely held views. This isn't Stalinist USSR.
    The anonymous poster is probably wearing a blue tie and represents the north of our borough or is wearing a red tie and is worried they may lose their councillors's expenses next year. You've fallen for a big dose of divide and rule.
    A police car and police van turned up very quickly and the anonymous poster never reported the use of 'hate speech' or racial discriminatory language. To be so angry and to not report it means that they are part of the problem or it never happened.
    If you lot are our only hope, God help us.

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  26. is this site about saving Lake Farm or bitching about cliff Dixon, who as far as I know pops up all over the place hoping to get in the paper. just to put things in context cliff, lake farm is used by everyone at the moment I don't think green belt discriminates against someones ethnicity, nor should you. please try not to say you didn't make those comments because its the standard uhave a kip mantra. just listen to the ex tory councillor and his different guises on facebook.

  27. disgusted that this forum and campaign was hijacked by cliff dixon it all falls into place when we read the gazette. he is standing against john McDonnell in the election. no wonder he is following him everywhere, thats typical underhand behaviour. ukip this time against john. some other right wing group in 2010. leave the people who actually love lake farm alone mr Dixon. we don't need you.