Saturday, 10 May 2014

Sparrow-fest in Mums garden

After getting in some shopping and doing a bit of housework for Mum, it was time to open the conservatory doors and watch the garden birds.
Even though we now have two rats, we decided in for a penny, in for a pound, and filled up the bird feeders as well as putting some food in the bucket. I'm going to hopefully get some humane rat traps on Monday anyway, so why let the birds suffer just because we have two rats. The little beggars aren't exactly enormous, they're both fairly small. So anyway, whilst waiting for the birds to come to the feeders, I checked on the regulars.
Mrs BB is still on her nest, as to be 'egg-spected'. Mr BB still bought in occasional food for her, but like yesterday she often left the nest to get her own food or have a splash in the stream. Every time she did leave though, Mr BB jumped on the nest. He never sat on the eggs, he just sort of stood over them.
The scruffy female Blackbird from yesterday, was still present despite being chased away by Mr and Mrs BB a couple of times. But again, like yesterday, they did eventually allow her to feed in the garden. She really does look a sorry sight, but those feathers will re-grow.
A new juvenile Blackbird landed on the fence for a while, and strangely enough neither Mr nor Mrs BB were at all bothered. She didn't hang around for long though, she seemed more content to feed in the neighbours garden.
Of course the Jackdaws came down for food.
One even attempted to take some peanuts but didn't succeed.
The best news (for me anyway) was the feeders enticed out the House Sparrows. First of all it was only a few males.
Then the females came out.
and eventually some juveniles appeared. The ultimate in cuteness.
The Starlings were ever present.
The juvenile below had just finished bathing in the stream.
The feeders also attracted some Great Tits, including this one below with a leg ring.

In between the rain showers I went down to the bottom of the garden.
There I found a lovely singing Robin........
There was also a singing Wren but I failed to capture it on camera.
Overhead were Swifts, House Martins, Red Kites and Carrion Crows. And from somewhere beyond the field there were two Cuckoos calling.
No sign of Beaky the deformed Wood Pigeon today. I contacted two wildlife rescue centres last night, and they both agreed that as long as Beaky is feeding and drinking well, there really is no need to worry at the moment.
So last photo of today is of one of the rats. This is the smaller (and dare I say cuter) one of the two.

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  1. Lovely photos, I must have juvenile sparrows in my garden as they nest in a conifer and under the gutter and the parents are very busy. I will have to take some time to sit and look!