Saturday, 25 March 2017

First butterfly transect of 2017 at Cranford Park and a new patch tick

Only a short visit to Cranford Park today to complete the first butterfly transect of the year.
Not only were there some butterflies out in the fine sunny weather, but plenty of Ladybirds and other critters too.

The three above are all 7-spot ladybirds, but I also found one tiny Pine ladybird next to the monster Harlequin ladybird for size comparison.....

It's also the first Pine Ladybird I have ever found at Cranford Park so I'm pretty chuffed that I stopped to take a closer look.
The fine weather had also bought out my first hoverflies of the year. The one below is one of the Syrphus family....
The park was full of Lesser Celandine.....
and there was plenty of Alkanet and violets in flower too.
 I found my first Bee fly of the year of my favourite critters

They are, for me, an indicator that spring really is here.
Sadly along the transect route I came across a dead shrew....

I don't see many of these, and I'd rather see them alive.
But back to the butterfly transect.
 On a walk that took 70 minutes I found seven butterflies / four species:-
Comma (4)
Brimstone (1)
Peacock (1)
Red Admiral (1)


Red Admiral

All of my sightings are submitted to the UKBMS (United Kingdom Butterfly Monitoring Scheme).

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