Sunday, 2 April 2017

Weekly visit to Cranford Park

Today looked the better day for doing my weekly butterfly transect, and the warmer weather meant there were quite a few other critters out and about. But there was a distinct lack of ladybirds today, with only one Harlequin to be found......
Wasps aren't to everyones liking but you cant deny they are actually very attractive.....
The church yard has again been over taken by Allium paradoxum, the few-flowered garlic.......

It's very attractive but very invasive too.
In some parts of Cranford Woods the native bluebells are just starting to flower. It will be a couple more weeks before we get our usual great display....
The below hoverfly is one of the commonest, Myathropa florea......

And I think I found two species of Bee-fly today. The one below didn't have the dark edges that the second one does. The second one is the Dark-edged Bee-fly. I'm waiting on confirmation of
what the first one is....

Todays butterfly transect was quite a good success. I saw my first Speckled Wood and Orange Tip of the year and my total count for the transect was 30 butterflies / 6 species.
Brimstone 2
Orange Tip 5
Small Tortoiseshell 1
Peacock 13
Comma 2
Speckled Wood 7

Speckled Wood

Speckled Wood


Orange Tip male - record shot

Orange Tip female - record shot
The photos below are from last weeks Mothers Day visit to RHS Wisley.....

Red Admiral underwing

Red Admiral


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