Monday, 13 November 2017

First Bittern of the season at the London Wetland Centre

I haven't been out much recently due to some issues with my eyes but I need to keep active and decided on a whim yesterday (Sunday) morning to pop down to the London Wetland Centre. The first Bittern of the season was seen recently and it's a bit of a regular yearly 'thing' to get down to the reserve and see the bird for yourself.
Known amongst my group of friends on the Unofficial London Wetland Centre facebook group (link here) as Burt the Bittern, it was also nice to see some of the regular smiling faces.
My visit wasn't very long though, just enough to see Burt amongst the still green reeds and watch him fly over the reserve towards the Wildside.
So here are a few edited shots.....


Big thanks to Phillip, John, Martin, Joe, Therese and the others, for the banter and laughs.

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