Monday, 8 October 2018

Overdue visit to London Wetland Centre

I popped over to the London Wetland Centre yesterday (7th Oct) for a short visit
The usual suspects were about

and I found quite a few critters including one shrub by the Peacock Tower that was covered in Harlequin Ladybirds in various states of development from larva to pupa to adult


There were also plenty of Common Green Shield Bugs out basking in the sun


There were lots of Hawkers inflight all over the reserve but I managed to find one fresh specimen that was perched nicely by the Wildside ponds - I think this is a Migrant Hawker

There were lost of Darters around too - they seemed to like settling on the warmth of the bridges
This is a Common Darter

The first bench as you walk into the Wildside area has always been a good place to spot Common Lizards - there is a hole in the side of the bench and this little beauty was obligingly curled up in it - as the sun warmed the bench so the little lizard popped out to get as much of the sun as possible

Only a short visit but still a good one

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