Sunday, 5 January 2020

Overdue visit to the London Wetland Centre

I was at the London Wetland Centre today, a very long overdue visit and a chance to meet up with some old friends. 

A female Goldeneye was our first 'find', lovely and close to the hide....

We also had some cracking views of a Water Pipit thanks to the guys that had their scopes up in the Peacock Tower, but way too far away for my camera to focus on. 

Even though there are a reported three Bitterns on site, we couldn't see any of them. The water level is pretty high at the moment so they were probably hunkered deep in the reedbeds feeding. 

We also had a distant view of both of the Fulham and Barnes peregrines perched on the hospital they call home. 

The Headley hide gave up some lovely close views of Tufted Duck and Wigeon

And right in front of the hide a Sparrowhawk was patiently scanning the view. Sadly the only pics I could get were through glass so not very sharp. 

No more photos today, the light was awful and to be honest I spent more time catching up with old friends than I did bird watching. 

A very well needed day out with like-minded company. 

Thank you Phil, Joe, Martin, Nathalie, Stella, Sue, Keith and Duncan. 
Cannot wait to see your pics Duncan :) 

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