Friday, 29 May 2020

A stroll around Harefield and more from the lockdown garden

After my last blog post stating that I thought the extra human traffic had contributed to the lack of butterfly numbers and species at Cranford CP, a few people got in touch to say they thought the lack of numbers were more likely to be due to the recent dry weather spell. That could well be a factor. 

Yesterday I went for a walk around the quieter parts of Harefield, including accidentally trespassing on a patch of private land. The fields where I went are mainly scrub and meadow with a woodland edge, very much like Cranford CP, but where there are very few walkers and dogs are kept on leads.
It was also the same temperature as when I visited Cranford CP. 

The species and numbers of butterflies seen were considerably higher.....

Brown Argus x 3
Large Skipper x 6
Small Tortoiseshell x 9
Holly Blue x 2
Large White x 8
Peacock x 2
Meadow Brown x 5
Brimstone x 10

Most were on the wing and not settling, but I got a few photos below....

Brown Argus

Brown Argus

Brown Argus

Brown Argus

Large Skipper

Large Skipper

Holly Blue

Small Tortoiseshells feasting on something a little unsavoury
 When I got back to my Mums, there was a pristine Small Tortoiseshell in her back garden...

Other lovely little beasties photographed yesterday included another Thick-legged Flower beetle...

 the Green Shieldbug babies that I found a few days ago....which haven't really grown that much..

 Common Blue damselflies everywhere....

including this pair that were busy making the next generation.....

At St Marys churchyard, the Nuthatches were still busy feeding their chicks....

A Jay was patrolling the borders....

and Blue Tits have nested in one of the drain pipes on the church....

Soaring overhead were Red Kites and Common Buzzards....

Red Kite

Common Buzzard

pair of Common Buzzards, although I think the bottom one might be a juvenile 
Early this morning in the lockdown loftroom I was woken by the familiar call of a Great Spotted Woodpecker. It was loud and continuous, so I popped my head out of the window and saw this......

A juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker on the left with an adult male on the right.

 Dad looked like it was trying to entice Junior up the birch trunk....

Junior wasn't too sure at first....

but it eventually started making its way up....

and found a rewarding snack of something at the top of the old trunk. 
Dad had meanwhile flown off and after a few minutes so did Junior. 

My first juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker of the year ! What a lovely sight
Hopefully it's siblings will join it soon. 

My god-daughter sent me a bee-utiful photo of a Honey Bee this morning...

photo by Chelsey Cannon
Cracking photo Chels. Well done. 

Keep well everyone and stay safe

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