Sunday, 17 February 2013

At work and learning about the horses...

It was fairly quiet at work today, so I diverted the work phones to my mobile and wandered down to see the horses for a couple of hours. Met the owner of two of them and finally got all their names. There are five horses and three owners. Nelson and Lizzy are in one paddock, Star and Stevie are in other, and Sunny is the yard owners pony in her own paddock. Now when I go wandering down there I don't have to call 'cooeee', I can actually call out their names. Not that I need to call out at all anymore, as I've found over the last couple of weeks that as soon as they see me with carrots in my hand they head straight over to me.

Lizzy is pregnant. Her foal is due in about 5-6 weeks time. Her companion in their paddock is Nelson and while Lizzy bonds with her foal, Nelson (who is a gelded racehorse) will go go to 'horse-camp' for some training and to give Lizzy and her new foal free reign (or rein lol) in their paddock. Lizzy got extra pears and carrots from me today, and I'm really looking forward to photographing her and her baby.

The horses weren't alone in their paddocks. Good numbers of Woodpigs, Starlings, a lone female Kestrel and about 20+ Fieldfare and a solo Redwing were in the paddocks too. Also had several Cormorants flying over the yard. I'm guessing these are being flushed from the dis-used fishing lake next to my work yard. I've noticed a lot of activity at the lake recently so maybe its back in use.

As Blogger has been unkind to me the last few times, and wouldn't let me post my pics in order, I'll just post randomly and be done with it. Its late, and I'm up early again for work tomorrow so haven't really got the time to keep uploading a photo then having to delete it as its in the wrong place. I really hope Blogger sorts this out. My New Year Resolution was to keep a blog, and I don't want to have to stop after just a couple of months......

Squiffy the Fox hasn't been seen for over a week (and secretly I'm glad as the yard owner is not a fox fan) but this little cat seems to have taken over as the yard mascot. Very pretty cat, but you cant get near it. No collar but appears to be well fed.

Cormorant photo 1

Cormorant photo 2

Sunny and Nelson playing
Stevie - the old boy on the block
Cormorant photo 3
Lizzy - the proud Mum-to-be

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