Wednesday, 6 February 2013

It wasnt a Skylark after all.......but something better for me at least...

The Skylark that I thought I had photographed yesterday at Lake Farm, is in fact a Meadow Pipit. Thanks Sandra Palme :) ........ again lol.
Below are the photos I didnt publish (for obvious reasons) but looking at them now, and comparing them in my Collins 'bible', I agree. The beak is sharper and pointier, and the breast markings are un-mistakeable. My previous photo (posted yesterday) showed an angle where you couldnt determine the shape or size of the bill.
This is a first for me at Lake Farm, so am very pleased, and will be adding this to my February sightings list for the LNHS.
I have never claimed to be an expert in bird identification, usually I slip up by 'calling' the wrong bird before my brain has engaged. Recently I mis-identified a Mistle Thrush, by calling it a Song Thrush, but my brain knew it was a Mistle so I was shocked at my own error. I done a similar thing in Norfolk last year, I 'called' a Pochard when it was a Wigeon. I knew what I wanted to say but my mouth spat out something completley wrong. My most famous 'error' was when I was with a good friend in a hide at the London Wetland Centre, and I 'called' Wheateater !!!!! Of course it was a Wheatear, and I'll probably never live that one down !! Luckily its a private joke and he's never held it against me !!
So apologies to everyone who thought I'd got my first Skylark of the year, I instead got my first Meadow Pipit at Lake Farm ever.................


  1. Sounds as thought it was a win-win situation... well done on the Meadow Pipit.

    And I understand your 'name' dilemma.. I did this once on a bird forum when I was very new to birding. I posted that I'd seen a flock of at least 60 Waxwings... which I KNEW were LAPwings. Fortunately the forum moderator spotted this and intervened to save me :D

  2. I really enjoy your blog Wendy - I like that you can click on the photos and see a larger version. Terrific photos as usual.

    Mark (Muddy) Walters