Thursday, 27 June 2013

Insects at work

Today at work, it was fairly warm and sunny. The only birds I saw were over head, Cormorants, Common Tern, Mallards, Pied Wagtails, Chaffinches, Starlings, Woodpigs, Swifts, Swallows, Blackbirds etc (though I did have my first work Hobby of the year fly over yesterday)
So finding a quiet couple of hours during my shift, I went off down to the paddocks and skip yard at the back. No sign of Mr Fox, in fact I haven't seen him for the last three days. The horses were feeling the heat and midges, and were sheltering under the trees. So I went exploring with my camera setting on macro. I don't have a proper macro lens, instead I have a Sony 75-300 zoom, which is macro at 1.5m. The results aren't great, but it does mean I can take photos without disturbing the insect.
In amongst all the rubble and wildflowers around the skips I found
Small Tortoiseshell and Speckled Wood butterflies.
And this rather lovely beetle, which I cant identify. It might be one of the click beetles ?
All along both paddocks there are hundreds of damselflies. All of my photos are of Azure and Common Blue damselflies, though I did see Blue-tailed as well.
In amongst all the wild flowers, nettles and brambles, this beautiful poppy had self seeded.
My office attracts quite a few moths, as we run a 24 hour service and therefore the interior lights are often left on. I don't know my moths very well, so if anyone can identify the bottom two, I would be grateful......
I had the below Cinnabar moth outside my window today. Its a day flying moth.
But the icing on my cake, was when I was prepping a drivers paperwork, and he said 'you've got a visitor' and pointed to the umbrella we keep in the corner of the tea room. There was this gorgeous Poplar Hawk moth. I've never been fortunate to see on in the flesh, so to speak, so admired it for ages. Apparently some people call them 'Popular' Hawk moths, as this is the one that most people see.
So thank you Ben (the driver), if you hadn't had pointed it out,
 I honestly don't think I would have spotted it :)

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  1. Some lovely finds there Wendy.. and wonderful moth! Well done Ben, eh...