Saturday, 1 June 2013

Sunny Saturday at work

A mild sunny day at just called out for me to take my camera to work. I haven't done so for a while, so it was nice to be able to get out for a couple of hours break in the afternoon.
Goldfinch. Photo taken thru double glazed window from my desk.
The bird feeders haven't been very busy recently, most of the birds are busy collecting insects for their chicks, but today a very scruffy Great Tit and two Robins were happily grabbing a high-energy bite in between feeding their young. The Great Tits nest is deep in the conifers right by my office, the Robins have nested on the other side of the perimeter wall. I also accidently came upon a Coal Tits nest in the conifers on the other side of the yard, but no photos as I backed off as soon as I realised just how close I was. Maybe tomorrow I can find a place to observe them without disturbing them.
scruffy Great Tit
Queue at the feeders
In the paddocks at the back of the work yard, I saw no settling butterflies so had to make do with a micro day moth and some damselflies.
Right at the bottom of the paddocks, where the huge grassy mound separates it from the skip yard, I found Mr Fox. After studying each other for a few minutes he disappeared into the undergrowth. I knew where he was headed though, he is a creature of habit..................
.................................and his own sand pit !!
This pile of sand has been there for almost a year, and Mr Fox has recently been making some progress in practising digging holes. There are fox prints all over the pit and around it.
Sadly I think Mr Fox is a bachelor. When we first moved to the yard, I often saw two or three foxes, now I only ever see one. Last month I found the remains of a fox in the skip yard, but I'll never know if it was one of the work foxes. The remains had been scattered around the skip yard and it was so gruesome, that the photos I did take, I later deleted. However just before I left work tonight, the Night Shift Planner said he'd definitely seen at least two foxes in the yard recently so I feel a midnight watch coming on soon.
There are also a lot of rabbits at the back of the paddocks. This one obviously wasn't bothered by Mr Fox nor me, nor did the horses spook it.
So, not a bad day at work, but only got to spend a couple of hours outside. Tomorrows weather forecast is set to be sunny all day, and I only have a couple of hours work in the morning, so hopefully will get some more photos, and a bit of a tan.

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