Sunday, 16 June 2013

The work Woodys

I was at work today on the usual Sunday stand-by shift.
 Only good thing about it is I don't have to stay in the office.
The morning was grey and dark and rainy, but as it cleared up I had a couple of visitors to the puddle outside the office. Sorry about the quality, but pics taken from my desk through double glazing.
Woodpig bath time
Collared Dove bath time
When the sun eventually came out, I diverted the work phones to my mobile and trotted off to the woodland opposite my work yard. As with the last couple of days, I could hear lots of fledgling birds, but couldn't see many. However the Jackdaws calling drew my eye to this little head poking out.....
And then a Marmite Parakeet done the same thing on the tree opposite.......
And then I heard the unmistakeable sound of a Great Spotted Woody, and found this little head......
When I was here last Sunday, the juveniles hadn't yet started peering out of the nest hole, but I had had good views of the adults taking food in to them. This is the second GSW nest hole I've found in these small woods (the other nest hole is already empty, the juveniles in that one were older than these) yet I've not been able to find any at Cranford Park, my usual haunt. Just like last week, I found a place where I could watch and photograph the GSWs without disturbing them.
I also found another view point, but although I was invisible to the GSWs, I wasn't invisible to any dogs or dog owners, and got asked a few times what I was taking photos of. I didn't want to give up the real reason so said I was taking photos of Marmite Parakeets.
These juveniles look like they'll be fledging in a few days, but I might not get back over there as it'll mean leaving the work premises, but I'll see what I can do.
On the short walk back to the yard I found a Common Blue damselfly and coincidently, a Common Blue butterfly.
And lastly a Marmite Parakeet eating a flower petal......

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