Monday, 16 November 2015

A colourful afternoon on one seed feeder

I'm trying a little something different on todays blog post.
All of the photos and vid clips were taken on my trail cam, which I stationed just in front of the nyger seed feeder for a couple of hours this afternoon.
Lets hope this works.
First up are ALL six Lesser Redpoll in one 25 second clip.......
Second up are the usual suspects, the Goldfinches....
Next up are the Golds and Reds together.....
Then we had a brief visit from a Blue Tit.....
and an even briefer visit from a Greenfinch.....
So a nice selection of colours...Red. Gold. Blue and Green.
And here are some stills from the same trail cam during the same two hours....

I'm still learning on how to process the images off the trail cam, so bear with me.
But it was great to finally get all six Lesser Redpolls on camera at the same time today.

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