Sunday, 15 November 2015

Just Redpolls...

Before I left Mum's yesterday afternoon I desperately wanted some clearer photos of the Redpolls that have started visiting the nyger seed feeder in the back garden.
And after a lot of patience, I finally got some.....

There were at least six visiting at any one time, but I was short of time and couldn't get all six in one shot.
Despite me calling them Redpolls, they are in fact Lesser Redpolls and not Common (or Mealy) Redpolls. Common Redpolls are a bit larger, chunkier and have a paler plumage. I haven't yet had time to really examine each one that has appeared in the garden, but that's not saying there isn't a Common one amongst the Lesser ones.
So tomorrows project is to try and find time to sit down and really study these lovely little birds whilst Mum has her morning recovery rest.

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  1. Oooh how lovely to have Redpolls visiting your Mum's garden..... nice shots Wendy...