Thursday, 19 November 2015

The morning Sprawk

I was back at Mum's today. The recovery from her surgery is taking a little longer than first thought so I've taken a couple more days off work to help with shopping and housework.
This morning whilst I was brewing her tea, I opened the conservatory door a fraction to have a fag and watch the Lesser Redpolls which are still regularly visiting the nyger seed feeder. They seem quite content to stay there, even with me just 12 feet away puffing on a fag.
There was just one to be seen, and it was so still that I wondered if it was sick.
It seemed to be looking towards next doors fir trees, and following it's gaze I found out why it was so still. There was a male Sparrowhawk hiding amongst the branches. Luckily my camera was to hand, and I managed to fire off a few shots.

It flew off shortly after, empty taloned, but later this afternoon I was in the conservatory again when it swooped across Mum's garden, straight in to next doors and managed to catch a Starling. Unluckily my camera wasn't to hand so I missed the action, but it does appear to be a bird of habit, so I know what I'll be doing tomorrow morning whilst making Mum's morning cuppa.

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