Wednesday, 30 January 2013

an afternoon stroll around Lake Farm...

After some heavy showers this morning, the weather cleared up nicely, if a bit windy, so I decided to pop down to Lake Farm after lunch. I didnt hold much hope in seeing the Stonechats, they dont appear to like windy weather and hunker down low, but I did hope to see the Mistle Thrushes. Sadly I didnt see them either. The area where I'd last seen them had no leaf litter left at all. Did the wind blow it all away ? Or an over enthusiastic Council worker ? I searched everywhere for the two Mistles but had no luck at all.

The Reed Buntings were very active. When they werent hankered down in the hedgerows, they were flitting around the brambles.

this male was battling against the wind !
I also came across a nice sized flock of Long-tailed lovelies. I managed to count at least 15 before they flitted away, and even got one shot in focus (the other 28 shots were blurred !! The little beautys are way too active).

I also found a solitary Goldfinch. I've seen flocks of these flying over Lake Farm quite often, but rarely see them perched for long.

Yesterday I bought the weekly Hayes & Harlington Gazette after seeing Lake Farm had made it to the front page. Intresting article stemming from the local MP, John McDonnell, and his RSPB Big Birdwatch last Saturday. In the article it states the following.....
'Londons Mayor, Boris Johnson, has raised 'major concerns' over the Lake Farm primary school plans, questioning its green belt location. A letter to Hillingdon Council planners from the Greater London Authority suggests the 5.6 acre footprint of the site, at the eastern end of Lake Farm Country Park off Botwell Lane, could be reduced. The current layout 'appears to have a more harmful impact on the openness of the green belt than necessary' says the report. If it was found that less space was needed for the school, then some of the 24 potential sites the council had previously dismissed in favour of Lake Farm could become options again.'
This is brlliant news for Lake Farm. The Transport for London (TfL) has also expressed concerns about added congestion to the area and more bus service disruption, should the plans for the school go ahead. The public consultation on the application to build a new school on Lake Farm, finished in early January and we are just waiting to hear on a date set for it to go before a planning commitee.
On my next shifts off work I am hoping to meet with another local resident, Erin, who has already seen the proposed plans for the school layout. We've been working together to think of more ways to bring the publics attention to the proposed buildings. Erin is very freindly with the Transition Heathrow group, who are in favour of Save Lake Farm. I will keep you posted of any developments.
So to end todays blog, here are a couple of photos of Lake Farm on a sunny but windy January day....

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  1. Great report, shame no sign of the Mistles, maybe they will come back? Gorgeous photo of a Long Tailed Tit! :-)