Thursday, 10 January 2013

Man-flu, Armchair Bird-watching and other news

I apologise for the lack of posts over the last few days, I've been bed-ridden and home-bound by a particularly nasty cold/flu type virus, which I can honestly describe as the dreaded 'man-flu'. It must have been 'man-flu' as even my sense of humour eluded me, and I spent more hours asleep than I did awake.

However I am feeling better, and have been watching the birds from my armchair, normally with at least one of my three cats keeping me company. We've seen a Peregrine go over and scatter all the feral pigeons on the nearby roof tops, the resident Robin singing its heart out under the artifcial street lamps, and a growing flock of Long-tailed Tits, Goldfinches and a lone Lesser Redpoll visiting the bare tree that grows up from downstairs garden flat. Not bad considering I am in the middle of a busy built-up town.

I have also had confirmation from the LNHS that they would like it if I was to continue Peter Naylors bird count studies at Lake Farm. I must admit, I approached them after talking to Peters family after his funeral, but only because I believe what Peter done over the years was too valuable NOT to continue.

I will never be at the standard Peter was, but his records for 2010 have been forwarded to me, so I know how to, at least, participate and forward my own sightings now. It's also incredibly intresting to read what Peter did see at Lake Farm in 2010. The yearly list included Northern Wheatears being seen for several months running, and over 150 Redwings being seen in the heavy snowfall in that January. He also noted an escapee Vulture, that soared overhead being swiftly followed by a Red Kite.

As my 'man-flu' gets steadily better, I hope to be back at Lake Farm at some point this weekend. There is snow forecast, and Lake Farm has always looked enchanted with a covering of snow.


  1. Well done you Wendy and what a fitting tribute to a great man and birder!! And well done for putting on a brave face about the forecast snow!!

  2. I'm sure you will do a good job with the bird count studies at Lake Farm Wendy. Good to hear you are recovering from your virus - hope you manage to get out at the weekend.

    Mark (muddy) Walters

  3. Let's hope for some more rarities at Lake Farm as well as the regular birds. Cracking blog Wendy :-)
    Tony James