Friday, 4 January 2013

Peter Naylors funeral.

Today I attended the funeral of a good friend, Peter Naylor. He passed away Xmas Eve after a long illness aged just 62.

Peter was a birder I looked up to. I met him at Lake Farm many years ago, and every time we saw each other we got chattier and chattier. His sense of humour was brilliant and dry. It will be very strange going to Lake Farm now and not see his figure peering into all the hedgerows, or counting all the gulls on the playing fields.

Back on my birthday last July, it was Peter that discovered a Red-backed Shrike flitting amongst the scrub at Lake Farm. News got out, and soon Lake Farm was overwhelmed with twitchers. The Shrike decided it liked where it was, and stayed for an incredible 13 days. During this time Peter made sure every twitcher and birder signed the Save Lake Farm petition, and I believe he personally handed these signed petitions to John McDonell, the local MP.

R.I.P  Peter, your knowledge and personality will be sorely missed.

Peters order of service
If it wasnt for Peter, no-one would have ever seen this beauty.


  1. A great guy by all account Wendy.. I can see that visits there won't be quite the same without him.

  2. A truely greatlondon birder was Pete Naylor RIP

    Eagles Eye On Life - Corinna