Saturday, 26 January 2013

I should have been working.....

For the first time since New Years Day I took my camera to work today, and later on I was very glad that I did.

Initially I wanted to record some of the birds that come into my work yard. Nothing exciting but seeing how the yard birds behaviour has changed over the last week (pairing off, singing etc), I wanted to capture some of them on film so I might recognise any markings for the future.

A pair of Collared Doves were squabbling in the fir trees, and seemed to be in competition as to who got the highest vantage point using my trucks and the yard lighting.

Truck wing mirrors are good vantage points
The Woodpigeons love using our water filled pot-holes for batheing. The one below sat in that postion (with its wing up) for ages......

There are large numbers of Magpies in my yard (counted 12 sitting in one tree a couple of weeks ago) and only one of them has found where I hang the bird feeders......

Tried all day to get a photo of the resident Robins (they've defintley paired off) hanging off the feeder but they didnt oblige me. Last week there were five Robins bickering, now peace is restored and just one pair remain. They feed next to each other and sing all day long.
The high-light of my day however was when I was sitting in the office watching the RSPB Big Gardenwatch Webcams (thoroughly recommend it as a calming influence - they're being switched back on again tomorrow at 8am - the sound and picture quality is outstanding), when I heard Fieldfares calling. Thinking they were on the webcam, I ignored them at first and just happened to look up and see five fly over the yard and appear to settle behind the fir trees into the horse paddocks beyond. I very quickly diverted all the work phones to my mobile and shot out of the office.
The entrance to the horse paddocks are gated off so I peered over the main gate first. On the right are two paddocks with three horses in, and on the left is an extra large paddock with two horses in. In all three paddocks there were Fieldfares and Starlings. I lost count at 40 Fieldfares ! As quietly as I could I opened the gate and tiptoed in (not easy to do when the gate creaks and you're wearing toe-tector work boots). Luckily there are several small trees lining the 'avenue' between the paddocks, so I slowly walked to the first one and tried to make myself look like part of the tree. It seemed to work because within minutes of doing so, some of the Fieldfares got nearer and nearer to me......


After an hour photographing the beautiful Thrushes, and knowing I still had work to do in the office, I made my way back but got some lovely close up views of a Pied Wagtail. I'm hoping this is the same Waggy that was frequently seen in the yard last Summer. It's very easy to get close to. I got some pics today but they were out of focus as I was nearer to it than expected.
All in all, a really nice day. Work went well, my truck drivers were a good bunch and made my life easy, and I got to see a lovely large flock of Fieldfares. I even had a Red Kite fly over later on. I'm used to seeing Buzzards, Kestrels and Sparrowhawks, but have never seen a Red Kite over my yard.
As it was my last shift for four days, I happily went home to upload this and enjoy a bottle of Echo Falls. Well deserved methinks.

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  1. Wow - patience and creeping through the undergrowth paid off then... nice pics Wendy... :)