Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Another day, another Kestrel at work

Not a lot to report from work today. There are still several Fieldfares and Redwings around, along with a Mistle Thrush and loads of Blackbirds. All the winter Thrushes were too far away to photograph, and it was so bitterly cold, that even I didn't fancy hanging around to see if they were going to come any nearer.
At lunchtime I saw from the office window, a kestrel being mobbed by five crows. It was headed towards the paddocks, so as I had a few spare moments, I wandered off down there. No sign of the kestrel anywhere until it all of a sudden flew up from the grass, I had been less than six feet away from it, and somehow failed to spot it.
It landed on one of the trees in the paddocks just a few feet away, seemingly not bothered by my presence. I have a good feeling this is the same male I photographed not so long ago. So long as you don't move suddenly it happily sits for you.
shame about the twig in front of its head !

staring at the horses

getting the 'falcon stare' (again shame about the twig in front)
So not a great day wildlife watching, but not a total failure.
I've also had some news from the local Gazette about the white and purple dove at Lake Farm. The news is fairly cryptic, Alan Hayes says in an email 'See tomorrows Gazette, Brilliant story Wendy. Page 21'. So I'm going to have to wait until I get home tomorrow night to buy the paper, and see what it says. Watch this space !
I also received emails from the secretary at Cranford Park Friends. A link to my blog is now on their website, and my blog is again mentioned in the Cranford Park Email News Letter. So thank you Bob Barton and the CPF Webmaster, Ian.

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