Monday, 25 March 2013

Lake Farm bird count in icy conditions

Another icy cold day, with a wind that cuts right through you. I met Mark up at Lake Farm for a brief bird count. Reed Bunting numbers are very good, and they were very active today. Some were hunkered down in the usual hedgerow but a nice sized flock of about 20 birds were flying all over the site and regularly dropping into the long grasses. The ones in the hedgerow looked twice their normal size, all puffed up against the cold.
female Reed Bunting
male Reed Bunting
Other birds seen were three Song Thrushes, three Meadow Pipits, the resident large host of House Sparrows (c30 birds), Blue and Great Tits, a pair of Long-tailed Tits, a Wren, a Greenfinch, 3 marmite Parakeets, 2 male Blackbirds, large numbers of Magpies (one pair nest building) and Woodpigs and two very brave singing and sky-dancing Skylarks. The gull field was almost empty except for a couple of Woodpigs. Most of the  gulls appeared to be over Stockley Park. Hardly got any photos today, it was so bitterly cold I could barely hold my camera, and the sky was very grey and overcast. But I'm pleased that the Reed Buntings are so active. Maybe this time next month they'll start showing signs of where they intend to nest.
Song Thrush all fluffed  up against the cold
Around the Toddlers Playground area, some inconsiderate person had dumped hundreds of leaflets. I did start to collect some of them up, but lost heart when I saw all the ones I couldn't reach.

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  1. Disappointing that someone would dump the leaflets - haven't they heard of recycling bins at least...???
    Were they advertising a company/someone who could be contacted and told about their non-delivery?
    I'd be well annoyed if I'd paid for someone to deliver my leaflets and they just dumped them...