Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fight Night with Egyptian Geese

Manically busy at work the last couple of days. Didn't even attempt to get out yesterday with my camera, and today wasn't much better. I spent a total of 27 minutes down the paddocks. Whilst having my usual chats with Nelson, Katie, Stevie and Star, there was a commotion in Nelsons paddock and two Egyptian Geese landed, followed seconds later by two more. Cue Fight Night.......
Nelson was not impressed by all the noise, and soon saw off the remaining two geese by snorting very loudly and trotting off in their direction.
That was my 'outing' today. Very briefly saw one of the foxes down by the skip yard, two Goldcrests in their usual shrubby tree, a GS Woodpecker and a Kestrel hovering in the far back fields. No sign of any Fieldfares or Redwings at all.
As I said, it has been very very busy at work, this time of year in the build up to Easter, it always is. I wont even bother taking my camera to work tomorrow as almost every truck is already booked and I'm going to be tied up dealing with customers, drivers and mechanics.
One of the yard guard dogs came to visit me late afternoon. His name is Tevez and he's the biggest softest lump of Alsatian you could ever meet. But try setting foot in his garden, and you'll be in for a shock !! I tried so hard to get a photo of him, but the only lens I had with me was my 75-300mm, so every time I tried to walk away and turn to take a pic, Tevez was following me lol. But it was nice to get a cuddle from him. The other dog, Tan, was busy sleeping......well it is a hard life being a night time guard dog you know ! By the end of Tevezs visit, he was also half asleep. Its also hard work getting loads of hugs from your owners tenant.
Tevez.....and yes, he is smiling :)
Tevez. 'All this attention is making me tired.......zzz'

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