Monday, 4 March 2013

Lovely day but not much to see at work today

Well each to their own ! A nice bit of horse poop attracts the most interesting of insects for a Waggy to eat.
You may notice there is just one photo on today's blog, that's because it has taken over 30 minutes to upload the said one photo tonight !! Come on Blogger, get your act together.
A very quiet day at work today, both work-wise and bird-wise. I managed to get down to the paddocks at 7am, and apart from a handful of Redwings and Fieldfares, there was nothing around at all apart from frosted over grass. As the day went on and it got warmer with the glorious sun staying out all day, I managed to get down the paddocks another four times in between work duties. The Redwings and Fieldfares had been very active first thing, but as it got warmer, they appeared to be almost sunbathing at times, just standing there, not feeding in the ground and not really doing anything. Sadly they kept getting spooked by activity in the fishing lake next door, so even though I was shooting photo after photo, the majority are blurred as they kept taking to the trees.
I did see a few Wagtails today. The photo above is just one of five birds I saw today. Another pair landed in the dirty dusty work yard (again I did get photos but I cant wait another 30 minutes to upload them), and another pair were in the other paddock whilst Mr-like-to-take-insects-off-horse-poop above was having his 'lunch'.
I was hoping the sunny weather would mean the elusive Little Owl would be seen perching on the supposed favourite bit of old machinery that Skip Man told me about last week.......but no. Absolutely no sign of Little Owl, nor Kestrel nor Sparrowhawk nor Buzzard today, yet last week I had some great views of both the Kestrel and the Buzzard, and the week before that the Sprawk was very active. I did ask Skip Man today where the 'invisible' Little Owl was, and he laughed and said he hadn't seen it for a few days now. So again tomorrow I'll be checking the machinery, and talons crossed, might actually get to see it one day !
So all in all, nothing really to report.
However I did receive e-mails from both Bob and Alison from the Cranford Park walk last Saturday. Apparently my blog is going to be a permanent link on the Cranford Park Friends website soon. So wahey to me ! Below is the link to their website, though my blog link isn't showing on there yet, it's still worth having a look at.

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